Selection Process

  1. Understand Our Client's Organization

    Meet with client and understand the company, its structure, and its operations.

  2. Assess Clients Needs

    Consult with the primary client contact to assess the position-specific skill set, preferred experience, and position functions. Speak with members of the client "interview team" to capture the intangible elements and to confirm expectations.

  3. Develop a Position Specification

    Identify the position's responsibilities, title, reporting relationships, and experience required for the position. Create a job description based on function, corporate culture, and critical elements desired by the management team.

  4. Define Search Universe and Perform Research

    Identify and target likely areas to locate an individual. These may include competitors, similar environments, and vendors.

  5. Recruit, Interview, and Qualify Candidates

    Begin the active phase of the search and contact the targets and referrals to locate appropriate individuals. Interview the most promising candidates and obtain an understanding of the their accomplishments, capabilities, strengths, and potential advancement within our clients' organization.

  6. Present Best-Qualified Candidates

    Prepare an interview/appraisal report describing each candidate's business experience and education, and present for evaluation by our client.

  7. Conduct Reference Checks on Final Candidates

    Speak directly with previous employers/supervisors to conduct detailed reference checks to evaluate the candidate's performance in previous positions.

  8. Recruit Preferred Candidate and Present Offer Package

    Assist the client in the preparation of an offer letter. Suggest timing for immediate acceptance of an offer, assist in clearing concerns and/or issues on behalf of the candidate, and bring negotiations to a successful conclusion.

  9. Consult During Transition

    Guide the candidate through the resignation period. Set expectations for the resignation meeting, and coach the candidate on counteroffers and on writing a resignation letter.

Process Benefits

Our search process offers the client company significant advantages over other methods of attracting talented professionals. As experienced consultants, we represent our clients in the most consistent and dignified manner from the initial contact to the final offer and acceptance.